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How to avoid the Holiday Debt Hangover

General Angela Calla 11 Dec

Let’s face it, the memories we create with people are what last a lifetime. Have you ever sat with someone who said – I wish I could live a longer to have more stuff? Or would they rather have time with loved ones? Here’s a few ideas to make a memory.

1. What are you both passionate about? Food? Volunteer to cook for the Ronald McDonald house or distribute food at SHARE or your local food bank as an example.

2. Print your favourite photo of you and your friend from that year; these are prized possessions from what we see in homes and offices.

3. We are surrounded with beauty living in the most beautiful city in the world. Plan to do the Coquitlam crunch , Stanley park Seawall in Vancouver or Grouse Grind in North Vancouver; plan a date with quality time and health.

4. It’s time to purge for the New Year. Clear the clutter from your house, then donate it to your local mother’s group or society that’s collecting donations. It feels good to give and someone’s “no more” is someone else’s treasure. The Tri-Cities Mom’s Group is great. I’m sure you likely have a local chapter. The Diabetes Association will come to your house to pick up your stuff for free! As you clear the clutter, remember that you are also doing an emotional and spiritual cleanse. This should remind you just how wasteful at times we can be and when we have clutter in our homes, it translates to our minds. We need to make room for more space and clarity to bring more love and opportunities in our lives.

5. Give the gift of education. Knowledge is power and if you are going to buy gifts, look to do so with a social conscience and buy from companies that support the organizations you would like to see supported.

6. As a best-selling author of the Mortgage Code and 70% of Canadians being homeowners and 100% needing somewhere to live, I feel my book is a fabulous investment for your loved ones. The book is empowering and ALL the proceeds go to The Eagle Ridge Hospital and building a new Emergency Room. Group purchases and employee or team benefits available and private signings based on availability.

7. If a material gift is a must, what about your points on your credit cards? If you have points, perhaps you can use them to buy gift cards to help with improving cash flow. Sometimes retailers do a gift with purchase to stretch that dollar even further.

Enjoy the season!

Angela Calla has been a licensed mortgage broker for 14 years. She has been with Dominion Lending Centres since its inception in January 2006. Residing in Port Moody, British Columbia, Angela is a regular expert guest on several news stations, television shows, radio programs and local and national publications. She was the AMP of the year in 2009, and has consistently been one of DLC and the industry’s top performers since 2006. She can be reached at or 604-802-3983