Average rent is through the roof!

General Angela Calla 12 May

According to the Daily Hive average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is $2541.00 So let me share this with you, did you know? That is a 500k mortgage these days? If you want to think about strata and taxes included then shop below that price and invest in yourself Parents of teens, does that […]

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Changes to Strata Property Regulation expand exemptions to 55+ bylaws

General Angela Calla 11 May

Changes to the Strata Property Regulation will ensure that people living in stratas with 55+ age restrictions will be able to stay in their homes even if their family structure changes. “Starting a family is a big decision and big change for many people, and that shouldn’t come with the risk of people losing their […]

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Your Gardening To-Do List!

General Angela Calla 5 May

If you are looking to have a garden that is the envy of the neighbourhood, May is a great time to get started on your gardening to-do list. I have put together some helpful tips and ideas for how to get started so your garden shines all summer long! Plant Annuals and Perennials: This is […]

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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

General Angela Calla 4 May

When it comes to homeownership, many of us dream of the day we will be mortgage-free. While most mortgages operate on a 25-year amortization schedule, there are some ways you can pay off your mortgage quicker! Review Your Payment Schedule: Taking a look at your payment schedule can be an easy way to start paying […]

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Economic Insights from Dr. Sherry Cooper

General Angela Calla 3 May

It has been just over a year since the Bank of Canada started hiking interest rates. While the economy has remained surprisingly resilient, the housing market has weakened sharply. The Bank has remained on the sidelines for the past two Governing Council announcement dates, and home sales have edged upward in very tight markets. There […]

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Is your credit score keeping you from owning a home?

General Angela Calla 28 Apr

Improving your credit score in Canada is definitely achievable. Remember the rule of 3. 3 credit lines, for 3 years, 30 percent below balance. Share this will someone who is about to turn 19, new to the country, or has had a bump in the road with divorce, job or health challenges. Here are some […]

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OSFI Set To Tighten Banking Regulation

General Angela Calla 24 Apr

Weakening Housing Markets Pose A Risk For The Canadian Economy On April 18, Canada’s national banking regulator, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), released its second Annual Risk Outlook (ARO), outlining what it believes are the most significant headwinds facing the Canadian financial system – and what the regulator plans on doing […]

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First Back-to-Back Canadian Home Sales Gain in March

General Angela Calla 17 Apr

Good News On The Canadian Housing Front The Canadian Real Estate Association says home sales in March edged up 1.4% in March. Homeowners and buyers were comforted by the fall in fixed mortgage rates as the Bank of Canada paused rate hikes. Bond market yields, though very volatile, have trended downward in March, although they […]

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Are You Ready to Break Your Variable-Rate Mortgage?

General Angela Calla 14 Apr

Do you or a loved one currently have a variable-rate mortgage? If so, you could have the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars in monthly payments. We know there are many variable-rate mortgage holders always looking for ways to save more of their hard-earned income and increase overall cash flow, so we wanted to provide […]

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