48% of buyers willing to get into a bidding war? Crazy!

General Angela Calla 4 May

Buyers have choice & power.
Buyers should walk away from bidding wars, and say they will only consider an offer if the first one does not go through so they don’t participate in inflating the market.
Removing the emotion is key, and having a strategic plan with a realtor of integrity is fundamental in this plan one that helps you understand the importance of the due diligence process.
I feel sorry when borrowers take pride in getting an accepted offer when they paid the highest price with no subjects because anyone could do that. Our experience shows that the long term value hasn’t performed as they hoped, 2007/2008 being an example of this. If money and long term value is of no importance to them due to substantial wealth of course that’s the exception to the equation.

48% of first-time homebuyers in Canada ready to enter a bidding war, says BMO survey:http://t.co/XHrQ1EIe9A #cndre

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Five Reasons to Buy Property or Renew Your Mortgage Now

General Angela Calla 3 May

BC Living highlights the top five reasons to do so NOW

Here are the five reasons: the prime rate has dropped; first-time home buyers have an advantage; seller’s market means plenty of options; a timely renewal could save you BIG money; and lenders are competing for your attention.

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