Do Woman Pay More Than Men For Mortgages?

General Angela Calla 23 Oct

Woman are powerful, they can create life and run billion dollar corporations. They deserve the best!

Although there is no Canadian data available, a recent study looking into the US and the UK shows that woman pay more for mortgages than men.

Regardless of gender, in order to ensure you don’t pay more, it’s essential to choose your mortgage provider based on asking these questions available at:

Asking the right questions is not only important when you’re seeking a mortgage – it also holds true for haircuts, dry cleaning, mechanical work, etc. Asking the right questions will give you clarity and comfort in your decision.

Ultimately, anyone can get charged more when their emotions get in the way.

On an emotional level, women tend to have more loyalty to a false sense of comfort when they share stories about their children, fashion and “small talk”, and allow that to influence their judgment more often than men. This can lead them to pay more, where men are likely to get the information straight from the mortgage broker.

Men statistically don’t get wrapped up in bank tactics (talking about unrelated issues) where they ask about your kids, dogs, the newest fashion trends, etc, which can sometimes cloud decisions. Women are more likely to find false comfort in that superficial part of the relationship instead of the facts and numbers, which men tend to focus on more.

Understanding how you made your decisions will allow you to be aware so, regardless of gender, you’ll be able to consider if you’re making your decision with your emotions in check!

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2 Reasons to Rethink a 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

General Angela Calla 23 Oct

When most Canadians think mortgage, they think about a five-year rate.

When we question why they wish to opt for a five-year rate, generally borrowers note that it’s what they heard was best.

In some cases this is absolutely true, but there can be some HUGE costs that may hit them later if they haven’t made a decision based on a review of their longer term goals with an unbiased mortgage broker.

Did you know that most first-time homebuyers leave their mortgage within 36-48 months? It’s also important to consider the way prepayment penalties are calculated, because an early exit from your mortgage could cost you dearly!

The terms of the mortgage are so important on how they fit into your personal life and family plan for the next 10 years.

Many people fixate on rate because that’s all they know. While this kind of thinking can end up earning a borrower a great upfront rate, because of unfavourable terms they may end up with a higher balance at maturity or possibly a high prepayment penalty.

There are broker-only lenders that don’t have a high posted rate (like the banks), so your overall payment penalty could be lower. As most lenders charge a penalty based on the greater sum of three months’ worth of interest or the interest rate differential (IRD), this is really important. The IRD is the difference between the interest rate on your current mortgage and a lender’s posted rate (ie, the difference between your current interest rate and the rate the lender could get for a mortgage similar to yours today). If institutions have higher posted rates, you’ll pay more in IRD penalties.

There is new legislation that forces lenders to articulate how penalties are calculated, but by having higher posted rates, the banks are still benefitting. They quickly adapt to a marketplace to learn how to continue to make record profits. There are some products we can recommend that don’t carry this risk at all, and when we assess your needs and goals we’re in a position to advise accordingly based on our calculations of your specific needs.

To protect yourself, you need a plan from an independent mortgage broker.

Remember that the banks don’t offer unbiased advice, as both their branch employees and mobile sales forces only have access to one line of products – whatever’s offered by that one bank.

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Maternity Leave & Your Mortgage

General Angela Calla 23 Oct

Once of the best things in life is the ability to create and add life to your family, which will become your future.

It can feel financially daunting and overwhelming (like moms needs anything else to add to post partum) with the reduction of income and all the new financial pressure of your family’s growing expenses with the addition of your new blessing.

Preparing yourself for the future using the right mortgage strategy can help.

Common Misconception About Maternity Leave and Your Mortgage:

Lenders won’t recognize your income. This is where your AMP can help. Different lenders have different policies and use different percentages of your pre-maternity income. This will depend on your credit score (which your AMP protects by using one application to shop multiple lenders) and equity in your home. Mortgage brokers truly can save you time and money. With a few simple documents in hand, brokers do all the work and our service is free!

So if you have grown out of your home, are looking to purchase your first home, have accumulated debt (like most growing families), or simply wish to review your mortgage to ensure you have the best product and rate catered to your unique needs, we’ll guide you through the process.

How to Relieve the Burden:

If you are pregnant when you buy your home or upon review of your mortgage, we can help. With your pre-maternity income, we’ll put a strategy together to help you pay your mortgage off faster yet have your payment reduced when your income is reduced so you get the best of both worlds.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed while you and your baby are learning about your new life together! Remember, you do have options and the mortgage finance part can be easy. It’s usually just about taking the first step of sending that email or making that call!

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