Hear Stu’s story, a Doctor from Langley who got helped by #callateam to redo his #mortgage. Stu is a repeat client and we are glad we were able to save him thousands. Click HERE to listen to the full testimonial

I’m already a happy client of Angela Calla’s team.

I recently approached them for redoing my mortgage and also obtaining a Home Equity loan. Based on all the competition out there, I feel that I’m very fortunate to have them as my mortgage broker.

Today’s market is far more complex than it was years ago.  Everyone is stating they can offer you the best rate going.   For the average person, this has become a complicated and frustrating selection process.  Who do I select and Why??

This is where Angela’s  team steps in.   They simplified the whole process for me.   On top of that, there was NO FEE for their service.     They were professional, courteous and patience during the whole process.

I want to thank them again for their excellent service. Anyone needing mortgage assistance, I would highly recommend visiting Angela Calla’s team.   Remember everyone out there is wanting your money,   Angela Calla’s service is free!!!

By the way, everything worked out fine including the car deal ( Ford Mustang ).   J

Volker Best of #surreybc

“You are the best my dear!!!! Thank you so much!”

“Hi Angela! I just watched your show on BT. That is so awesome. There was a lot of great info. You did an awesome job for us and I am sure everyone else who you have helped along the way. I still recommend you to people who are needing a mortgage. You go above and beyond:) Glad to see you are doing well….even though we never met in person I feel like I have known you forever! lol Take care”

“Dave and I keep saying how impressed he is with you, your service and your knowledge. We’ll be sure to send any and all friends your way!”

Hello Angela,

I have dealt with 3 mortgage brokers in my time, and by far, Angela was the most forthcoming.  She fully explained all of the options available to us, taking our needs into consideration.  I have been watching the rates online for a few months now, and the rate Angela was able to secure for us, was better than I expected, considering how low the rates already are.   Even the local credit union that has carried my mortgage, which is now up for renewal, was not able to come near the rate Angela has secured for us. To top things off, there were no additional charges for moving my mortgage, no legal fees, no appraisal fees, nothing.

Her service was top notch, and I will use her services again.  I fully recommend her without reservation.

Thank you again for your great service!

Bill Prasad

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you and Chris for all the dedication and hard work that you put forth in order for me to obtain the best mortgage rates as possible.  It was such a pleasure to work with the both of you.  You were kind, patient, and understanding and ensured that I understood every aspect of the process as well as the info that you needed in order to help me out to the best of your ability.  Your company is such a pleasure and gift to those like me who need those extra benefits to help us out.  So in essence thank you ever so much for your kindness and time. Continue to do just what you are doing.


Ann Fleary

Angela; Thank You VERY much for your help and expert advice regarding our re-financing.
Joan and I will definately refer you to anyone that we care about whom needs there mortgage reviewed.Thanks to you and your team we are taking 8 years off of our mortgage.This process was so quick and easy, I wish I got in touch with you last year!
Best Regards


Angela-Thank you again, it  is so nice to speak to someone who actually knows what they are talking about for a change. this is the first time we have understood everything clearly when getting a mortgage and by FAR the BEST experience we have ever had. We are so thrilled we are going to make sure our friends and family use you so they can save as much money as we did, and have such an easy process. I wish we had met earlier but I am glad we finally have, and look forward to working with you for the years to come.

Sheri , Prince George

Angela- I have to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for everything you have done for our family. It was a pleasure to work with you a year ago when we broke our existing mortgage for a much lower rate and you saved our family $1425 a month and if you hadn’t helped us with that we would not have been able to make our move up the property ladder. Because of you we are living in our dream home several years sooner then we ever imagined. Its clear to see why you are a top rated broker in Canada

Thanks Again from your lifetime clients

The Philpotts, Coquitlam