Hear how we helped this #mapleridge family in there mid 50’s with 2 adult children save $2300/month by #callateam restructuring their #mortgage. They only wish is that they contacted us sooner! chris_Aug23.mp3

I am now in my late 50’s my wife and I have been married for 35 years our Daughter and Son are Young Adults and well on their own carrier paths , I am now looking at the future as the years seem to be going by so quickly and retirement will be here before I know it.

Being mortgage free and or paying down our mortgage is a key part of being able to retire and the way my current debt is structured I seem to be just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

I heard Angela’s on the Radio and went on Her website www.angelacalla.ca  and read the testimonials , then I listened to her radio show a few times and thought to myself , I am really missing something here so I decided to send a Email to her Team and make some inquiries,

Her team promptly called me on my Cell and he asked a few questions about my mortgage and House  , I gave him some numbers over the phone and quickly did calculations as we were speaking and gave me some figures as to how much I would be able to save per month by restructuring ( at a lower interest rate ) and then use that extra to pay off debt and pay down my Mortgage, It was like a huge load was lifted off my shoulders not only that when I was filling out the application that evening I did not understand one part of it so I emailed and within 15 minutes he returned an Email with the answer , Try getting an answer from a Bank that quickly and especially on a week night , Both my Wife and I were impressed.  We don’t expect that and we know it’s not possible.  Its nice to know they will do whatever they can to help, when they can.

We have been dealing with our bank for years and when It was time to renew I guess we were typical of a lot of Folks the bank would send a document in the mail explaining what a good deal they were giving us for being loyal customers and said this is the special low rate you are getting cause you are a good customer and we would sign the document and it was done , but then after that I would see these lower rates advertised and would think why didn’t they offer me a rate like that ?? I also didn’t know there was much more to mortgages than rate, also an old mindset. What was my loyalty based on? They certainly didn’t earn it by doing anything for me, I learned it was just habit! Not only that they always steered us away from a variable rate but The Angela Calla Mortgage Team showed us how to use the variable rate to our advantage and let us make the decision whether we wanted to lock in or not, none of this has ever been explained to us before. We now have a plan!

Working with Angela Calla’s Mortgage Team has been a really good experience, they put together a re-payment plan that is going to reduce our monthly output and then in turn we can use the extra cash flow to reduce our mortgage principal and have some extra to enjoy our life, During our meeting with Chris we also met John two really nice guys. Everybody on the team is fantastic, when Angela says everybody shares the same goals, it really is a great feeling to be treated so great with everyone’s help! (also something you don’t get at the bank where no one knows what’s going on and has to check everywhere and people are always on holidays and others that don’t know you are working on your file) As we were working with The Angela Calla Team they checked current rates and found a lower one and promptly changed the Rate and that helped even more, there were a few High 5’s in the office after that.  This also taught us they are always working for us, not just when we sign papers, that’s the beauty of working with the team, not just any team The Angela Calla Mortgage Team and learning there is so much more to mortgages than an interest rate, and the good news was the new mortgage didn’t compromise any of the terms that were going to help us save money we learned with the entire Angela Calla Mortgage Teams help. Since our meeting I have been in close contact with John on a daily basis he has done an excellent job of all the tedious paper work that goes with a mortgage transaction and has been quick and professional when it came to answering the tough questions,    In toll we will be saving $2.300 per month that will allow us to to save money and pay down our mortgage annually.

It’s too bad there was no one around like the Angela Calla Mortgage Team when we were first time buyers, it was very stressful dealing with lenders and took a lot of time to secure a mortgage and everything that goes with it, I would highly recommend to first time buyers to contact the Calla team 604-802-3983 (I have it in my phone now) with all your mortgage enquiries and also current home owners when it’s time to re-new or if restructuring is required, they are here to help you out, They have treated us with respect and professionalism. If you need their help don’t hesitate Call them you will be pleased that you made the call.

Regards : – Chris  of Maple Ridge.

ear how we helped Shawn of New Westminster as a businessman &   real estate investor that through our mortgage plan and real estate investing experience The Angela Calla Mortgage Team put together a plan where the saving not only came up front, we were able to further reduce his payment into year 4 by over $400/month and improve his cash flow to give his several advantages of improved cash flow to pay down his principal residence, protect and build more equity in the property, and help him build his portfolio. Shawn_Sept_27.mp3

Hear how we helped Sandra of Port Coquitlam who was referred to our team from her good friend. She was going through a divorce and wanted to keep her home. Her bank told her she had to sell her home and could not qualify to keep it and buy out her ex. She wanted to keep it as she has 2 teenage children and had recently completed a renovation to her specifications. When she contacted our team, we were able to find a mortgage where she could buy out her ex-husband and keep her home affordably. Since then, we have helped her ex-husband and those she cares deeply about. If it wasn’t for the Angela Calla Mortgage Team, she would have made a costly mistake! Sandra_Sept_27.mp3

Good morning Angela,

Thank you very much for you and your teams help. Your explanations and the time everyone on your team took to assure that I understand what is going on was very helpful!

This was my first mortgage and my first house purchase and you helped a great deal to reduce the stress and anxieties associated with buying for the first time. I definitely learned a lot.

Thanks again for the help and for always being there to answer questions, You have taught me there is so much more to mortgages that rate, had I not worked with The Angela Calla Mortgage Team I would have made a big mistake and taken a lower rate that had HUGE costs to modify later and would have eaten into my equity. I am so thankful for your educational, long term mortgage management approach. I will ensure those I care about are introduced directly to The Angela Calla Mortgage Team so they can receive the same service I did.

Thanks again!

Dimitri, North Vancouver

Hi Angela,

I have thought about joining you on your show this, and I am not really a media person. I will however go into the details which lead us to you and how pleased we are. Before I tuned into the show, I was frustrated. I had been to 2 banks that I do business with and had for several years. Being self-employed they really had no idea how to put this together, they had questions after question, request after request and strung me along for over a month, both of them. It was a disaster and a complete waste of my time. The moment I spoke with you and your team you understood my structure being self-employed and asked me for everything you would need, and got me a mortgage with 10% down instead of the 25-35 the 2 banks I was dealing with said would likely be the case. The reality was they didn’t have the product that best suited my needs and they don’t really understand self-employed as there experience simply isn’t at par with The Angela Calla Mortgage Team. With you also being self-employed and having dealt with high net worth individuals whom are used to seeing operating companies, holding companies, income splitting, etc. The Angela Calla Mortgage Team’s experience was so refreshing to be able to work together with, and I really wish I hadn’t wasted my time, credit and stress on the 2 banks that wasted my time due to the level of expertise of the people at the branch, don’t get me wrong they are nice people, but this is business. As you walked me through the process I learned a lot I didn’t know. It was actually a good thing my own banks had frustrated me, as it would have not only cost me 25% more cash to put down, it would have cost me 3 times the amount to make further modifications later. What The Angela Calla Mortgage Team taught me in addition to saving me all this upfront money was that posted rates that lenders use to give me a discount, are later used against me should the market change or I need to sell. SO not only did The Angela Calla Mortgage Team help me get a mortgage, they helped me protect my equity as I learned had I dealt with those lenders directly a later modification would have cost me $18-24,000.00 instead of the lender they were able to secure me a mortgage with where the amount would be significantly less. The Angela Calla Mortgage Team saved me at least $12,000.00 in future costs. I am in the numbers business and consider myself highly educated. Banks make it impossible for you to intelligently shop for a mortgage when the clauses read the same way but have their own internal meaning. The lenders of course don’t point that out to you as they are salespeople for their own lender. The was an invaluable lesson The Angela Calla Mortgage Team had taught me, not only did they save me a SIGNIFICANT amount of money on a down payment and future costs, they protected my equity as a result, and we will ensure our family and friends don’t make the mistake of wasting their time with any lender on their own, and go to The Angela Calla Mortgage Team exclusively for any mortgage. We wish we had known The Angela Calla Mortgage Team when we bought our first home we would have had a lot more money in our pocket from our sale. Moving forward it’s comforting to know we will have them to assist us in optimizing the market to our advantage.

A HUGE Thank you to everyone at The Angela Calla Mortgage Team.
Your lifelong client

Justin of Delta

Hear how The Angela Calla Mortgage Team saved Mary of Surrey BC save over $1200/month by us redoing her #mortgage. She joined us on The Mortgage Show on CKNW AM980 and shares her experience working with us.

Angel Angela. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your mortgage show tonight on the radio! I absolutely loved hearing about how your team saved the Port Coquitlam family over $1600 per month! How many lenders can do that? I also loved hearing the Toronto family personally talk about how your team took the stress out of finding their home in Vancouver and making the relocation from Toronto to Vancouver less stressful. It made me think of how you and Chris came to my rescue when it was time for my mortgage to be renewed last year. I was on chemo therapy at the time and very sick. I was also on long term disability which made the situation even more desperate.

You and your team took that scary situation and turned it into a positive and affordable solution by rewriting my mortgage at a rate that I could afford. That took such a burden off my shoulders and I will be forever grateful to you! All I want to say now is that the Angela Calla mortgage team is the only lender with a REAL HEART!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Jacqueline Olds, New Westminster

Hear how This Ex Banker chose to work with The Angela Calla Mortgage Team for his families personal Mortgage

Ex banker of 12 years for a large Canadian Bank talks about how he chose to work with The Angela Calla Mortgage Team. He loved the power of choice, mortgage plan, transparency and how easy it was. Working in the bank he knew each lender has limited options. Listen to his experience from his family in his 10 minute interview on The Mortgage Show: Listen to Karl’s Testimonial!

Ryan and Laura loved the service they got from The Calla Mortgage team so much, they decided to sing about it! Click HERE to watch the full video

You guys are my people, I am so impressed with you guys so far. I almost fell off my seat when I opened Angela’a hand written letter to me, thanking me and her little present. it is so refreshing to see her personal attention is this form letter world we live in. thank you so much Angela. you are your team are great people.

Talk soon,