Angela, Thank you for helping me avoid a huge mistake!!!! I didn’t know I could use to you and your team to help me when my mortgage was up for renewal and with your teams help you saved me $259/month on my mortgage renewal. Every bit counts and I am grateful. Cheers and look forward to working with you whenever I need mortgage help. I just sent my buddy a text with your contact info too who is up for renewal in the next 6 months.

Colin of Surrey

Angela, thank you for helping me. Being self-employed and a single mom I really wanted to keep my home as I work out of home and my daughter loves her school. I didn’t think it was possible to pay out my ex and keep it and most importantly afford it until your team helped me. I am SO glad I didn’t have to sell. Thank goodness you had helped my friends save money on their mortgage and they referred me to you, or else I wouldn’t have been able to keep the life we created in our home. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Susan of North Vancouver

Angela, Me and my hubby are SO happy for all your help, patients and dedication to us for our first home purchase. We didn’t think we would be able to get our dream home as our first home. I am so glad we came to you instead of trying to figure this out, there is so much information out there that its easy to get wrapped up in it and freeze in not moving forward. The best thing about working with you its we don’t just have a mortgage, we have a plan so we feel comforted to know you are there for us long term to help us optimize the market, as there is so much changing and we don’t know what to make of it. I would recommend anyone considering a purchase to do themselves a favor and come straight to The Angela Calla Mortgage Team.

Jessica and Trevor of Pitt Meadows

Angela, Thank you to your entire team. Peter and I are thrilled we haven’t been forced to downsize before we are ready. We are happy with the plan you set up for us, we are so glad we didn’t wait to contact you as we are much more comfortable now saving $1097 a month. I guess who wouldn’t be right?!

Your Friends

Peter & Joan of Port Moody

Hear how The Angela Calla Mortgage Team helped Vanessa of North Vancouver, buy out her ex, keep her home, not have to sell and keep her business! Thank goodness she contacted us and one of her clients suggested our help.

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Angela, thank you for your help. Our debt and mortgage were getting to be too much for us and we were stressed. We couldn’t work any more hours in a day and considered selling our home, which posed the problem of where we could afford to live. You redid our mortgage saving us $629 a month and now we can stay where we are, have no outside debt, feeling relieved. Most importantly don’t have to take our kids out of school with a move. This has helped our family more than you know. Thank you to your entire team. We wish we learned of you earlier and would encourage any family going through similar stress to contact you to get your teams help.

Scott and Amber of Port Moody

Angela, thank you so much for helping us. Being on a fixed income with the cost of living we felt left us no choice but to sell our home, until our granddaughter insisted we contact you. You saved us $582/month which is life changing for us on a pension income. Mostly it gave us back the ability to make choice when they are good for us. We were not ready to leave our house, we love it, and now we have that ability with your teams help. I would recommend anyone that has a mortgage going into retirement to contact The Angela Calla Mortgage Team to review your options; we were so well taken care of and feel so happy that our granddaughter who got a mortgage through you and introduced us to your team too is in the best hands possible.

Debbie & Ralph of Port Coquitlam

I am so happy to be a homeowner! I didn’t know what my options were and was sick of hearing how it couldn’t happen and saw how you helped a friend of mine who I used to go to school with. As a single girl on my own, if my friend did it through you, I thought I should try too…instead of listening to all the “white noise of everyone out there who thinks there an expert ”

and actually just contact you myself. As a result I feel great owning a home for $50 less a month than my rent. I also found it inspiring seeing you on tv and all the print media share your stories of how you started owing real estate when you had an office job in your early 20’s. Thanks for all your help and inspiration. Everyone on the Angela Calla Mortgage Team is awesome and I am glad to have you with me for the life of my mortgage.

Your loyal client

Jennifer of Surrey

Angela thank you to your and your team for helping me refinance my mortgage adding in some outside debt to help us with some savings. Running a daycare and my household feels overwhelming. Your team made it so easy and within a month I was saving money! You have saved our family $398 a month…

it takes some pressure off. I wish I met you a year ago, as I could have saved that money sooner.  I suggest anyone with a mortgage and outside debt to contact the Angela Calla Mortgage Team to see what you can do for them.

Thank you Angela for helping me redo my mortgage upon renewal. Things haven’t always gone as planned and when my daughter was getting married I didn’t have the funds needed to help her without getting into debt. You had helped my brother with a mortgage and he suggested your help. As a result you gave our family a better mortgage structure saving us $725/month. Thank you to the entire Angela Calla Mortgage Team.