My client could not say enough wonderful things about working with everyone in your office including the attention given to her by the receptionist.  She is elated and thankful to be working with you.  Honestly I have never in all my years and unfortunately that’s plenty, had a client take the time to tell me how wonderful their experience has been with a mortgage broker.  I thought that was very impressive.


Barbara R, Conveyance, Surrey, B.C.

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Your team helped the buyers of our home and helped us! We are so glad we reached out to you and got a referral for a realtor and had you review our options after tuning into the show. The result of your experience guiding us through the process brought out an option that saved us $418 a month we hadn’t even considered! Thanks to the Angela Calla Mortgage Team I don’t have to take those additional weekend shifts and can watch my son’s soccer games now which I was always missing because I had to work overtime to keep up with everything. Happy to say goodbye to that!

Your team is amazing- we will be spreading your name around the soccer field!

Tina and Jody, Surrey


Your team is awesome. You were there for me and my fiance every step of the way for our home purchase. You helped us with things we didn’t think about, or even knew existed and as a result you have protected our equity, and given us the gift of security as we know getting married and having children soon will bring changes for us, that we are now comforted through.

What was amazing was you were always working for us. Before closing you got us an option that saved us $200 a month . Its very clear you are always working for us, and we appreciate your team so much.

Thank you for everything

Melody and John, Port Coquitlam

Angela, a huge thanks to you and your team. I feel so good about the understanding you were able to give me into my mortgage refinance. You opened my eyes up to lots of mistakes I would have made had I done it one my own. I am glad we had your team on our side. I am so happy that my sister suggested your help. With the plan we have in place saving monthly AND we are shaving 8 years off our mortgage over $130,000.00! It helps things feel less overwhelming with all our growing demands with our kids! We look forward to our kids using the Angela Calla Team one day!

Julie and Damien, Port Moody


Thank you for your help. The last few years have been stressful for us with our business not doing as well as we hoped. You found a solution for us saving us $419 a month with a clear strategy moving forward and have always treated us with up most respect and care. It really shows how experienced your team is. We will be your loyal clients for life and look forward to doing business again soon.

Mark and Jessie of Burnaby


Thank you to you and your team for helping our son Rob with his first home purchase. I wanted to make sure he had a strategy not just a mortgage. I knew I could count on you as you helped my wife and I get mortgage free in 7 years as a result of your proactive mortgage management.


Susan and Frank of Surrey


Thank you for helping our family. I am a busy mom. I have 3 kids (expecting another) and a golden lab. You saved my family $839 a month and it could not have come at a better time, as our expenses are going to increase growing our family. There is no way it would be possible for us to get ahead of our debt and get the funds to pay out our credit cards and line of credit. I tried a home based business but now expecting my 4th- it’s not possible. I’m glad tuning into the show I was able to contribute this knowledge to our family and save us money. Pregnancy and stress do not mix, so thank you for making this quick and easy. I will send all of our friends to you!

Joanna and Jeff of Port Coquitlam

I’m really happy with the mortgage you arranged for me.  I really appreciate the flexibility it has given me.  I would recommend your company to anybody looking for a mortgage (already have, actually).  Wish I had found you years ago!