Hi Angela,

Thanks for all the hard work you and your team has done for me. I have been armed with a lot of information which I find quite valuable. I wish we met you many years ago.


Alan of Port Moody


A HUGE thank you to you and your team for helping us renew our mortgage and saving me and my family $1070 a month on our mortgage, over $64,200.00 of just interest in the next 5 years. That’s more gross income then I take home after an entire year of work!We wish we met you sooner, if it hadn’t been for a co worker who told me about you and then I happened to tune into your show, our future would not be as bright as it is now with your teams help. This now affords us the opportunity to save money for once in our lifes and actually consider retirement, helping our kids and we no longer will have to put purchases for basic needs on our credit cards. It makes me sick to think I have been grossly overpaying for my mortgage for the last 5 years, and my bank did nothing for me, shows you they can not be trusted. If you stop and think about it it makes sense, why would they help me when they can make more profit charging me an extra 1070 a month. When we first got our mortgage, we went through our bank directly. BIG MISTAKE, and to be honest we felt it, but didn’t know better at the time. We are so grateful for all of your help Angela, and feel secure knowing that now with your help we are saving over 64$k in interest paying our mortgage off 8 years sooner the best half an hour we have ever spent in our lifes. I would encourage anyone to do the same. You made us so comfortable and so easy for us to understand our options. A small bit of time that paid off huge for our family and we can’t thank you enough.

Brian & Sandra of Surrey

Hi Angela, Chris & Denzil:

It was so nice to meet you all yesterday and we want to thank you for the help that you are giving to us. We are breathing a little easier today because of it. We are very happy on how easy and clear everything was. Once again, thank you for all your help

Dan & Denise of Surrey


Absolutely delighted with the service so far from @AngelaCalla and team. During anxious times they offer gentleness and professionalism.

Couldn’t have done it without you Angela,

huge thanks to your team. Common sense isn’t so common. I have dealt with lots of different professionals in my time, and you and your time do it right. Thanks for your help with my renewal, and saving me $320 additional dollars a month. This helps my cash flow.
Greg-Port Moody

You are awesome Angela,

I wish I knew you years ago! I had no idea I was paying too much until I was tuning into your show one day driving home from a hockey game, now I’m saving an extra $384 a month. Needless to say I’m happy I will be debt free sooner and that gives me options! Cheers, and I will send my buddies to you for sure.
Damien- Port Coquitlam


My wife saw you explaining mortgages on the news and we are so glad we called, as you were able to save us $492 a month by reviewing our mortgage. This helps us tremendously as my wife recently went on long term disability to care for our special needs daughter. We are thankful to you and your entire team
Kelly and Dina- Burnaby


Thank you so much for your ongoing help, boy are we glad to have met you. With adopting our 4th foster child needless to say we hardly have time for anything let alone ensure we get the best mortgage option. Your team made thing easy for us thank you!You saving us $1705 monthly really helps our family of 6, and relieves us of lots of stress. Your passion is so refreshing, we are so glad we called after hearing you on the radio!
Glen and Stacey- Surrey

Angela, Chris & Denzil

Feeling great after knowing with your help I am saving $496 each and every month. I am so glad my sister suggested your help. My lender said I couldn’t save any money and with your help I am now several hundred dollars richer each month. Glad to have you working with us,and I learned an expensive lesson and will only be working with you guys from now on!
John & Lisa of New Westminster


Thank you for helping our family! Your team is great and saving us $989 a month helps with our 4 kids that always seem to need something. Knowing we will not be in debt and saving is a much better feeling, than the cycle we were in.

We appreciate everything
Paul & Marilynne of Surrey