Hi Angela,

Thank you so much for helping us with your thourough planning. The reality of todays times are that its hard to plan for a quality of life, and thank goodness our health is in order but we honeslty didn’t expect not to have enough retirement savings after working for over 40 years. We were worried we were going to burden our children and thank goodness my friend who listens to your show all the time suggested I contact you because I almost took a financing option that would not have been a solution and I would have eatne away my equity in fees in a short year or so, and with you and your teams help Angela I was able to access more of my equity so I know this is a long term solution and take great comfort in that. I will be sure our children use you so they will be in a better position than we are at our age. If only we met you years ago!

Angela thank you so much to you and your entire time, Chris and Denzil are amazing and you can tell you have a wonderful synergy amungst all of you.

Ed and Joyce, Richmond

Hey Angela,

The past 6 months has been a great new experience living in my own home thanks to the help of your team! I am happy with my new home and my position in the market. My mortgage is cheaper than rent would have been and I love that I am putting equity into my own pocket and not a landlords. I regularly read the Angela Calla emails and blogs to keep up to speed, and I am so lucky to have you on my team, I never feel nervous or like I don’t understand the market or how to optimize it because you are so proactive. So glad my parents had used you and insisted I did the same.

I appreciate all that the Angela Calla team has done for me, you guys are the best!


Lawrence of Coquitlam

Hi Angela,

So we finally closed on the house and just wanted to extend my thanks to you and your entire team again. I’m glad my mom finally has a place of her own so glad you could find something for us with a mortgage strategy that will really protect our future. I was so pleased with how easy you made the process, how organized your office is and all the pitfalls you warned me of. Your experience shines through with the structure of your process, and we were so happy to be guided through it clearly with your entire team.


Bridgette of Surrey

Thank you for all your help with our mortgage renewal and showing us how we can save money and pay down our mortgage faster, this is PRICELESS and we wish we met you 10 years ago when we first bought our home as we can tell with your proactive management we would have had a much lower balance. Now we can move forward with confidence we deserve as homeowners & all we can do is warn others not to make the mistake of thinking the bank has your best interest in mind, as they didn’t with us and we had learned we had a very false sense of loyalty that cost us thousands of dollars and are so happy to say that is now our PAST, and our future with you is clearly defined and will save us money and give us the security to help us retire and help our kids with their education. We are so grateful our cousin suggested your help. We look forward to working with you again Angela to you and your entire team

Charles & Candice, Langley

Hi Angela,

I wanted to say thank you very much for the service your team has provided, it’s been a great experience, waaaay better than dealing with the banks or any other broker we’ve dealt with in the past.

The product that your team put together for us is perfect, and you guys are awesome in going over everything with us too.

Again thanks very much for the excellent service, I will (and have) recommend you guys to friends and family for sure.

Jeff & Jen of Richmond

Thank You to you and your team Angela.

Sylvia and I wish to extend our gratitude of assisting us with our mortgage saving $675 a month really helps us with our retirement planning. Until you helped us we were very concerned about with us being in our mid 50’s without a significant amount of savings aside. We also wish to thank you for helping our son with his first home. We know he will be much better off financially than we were because with you and your teams help he has been advised properly since day one. Being able to do better for your children through teaching them through the mistakes you made (and in our case it was thinking the bank had our best interest in mind) and having them being more successful than you is extremely gratifying.

Thank you so much, our younger daughter should be ready within the next year to start planning with you.

Gino and Silvia, Port Coquitlam

Dear Angela,

Sincere thank you to you all at The Angela Calla Mortgage Team, you have taught me so much, and I really appreciate the $815 dollars a month in savings. I have always been concerned about job security and my health as I have had some challenges in the past, but this savings coupled with your ongoing management really helps put me at ease and reduce stress. I am very grateful Angela thank you so much. I only wish I had been introduced to you years ago.


Helen, North Vancouver

Angela, we can’t thank you and your team enough for all of your help! We are still in awe every time we see our savings grow by $780 a month that you saved us by redoing our mortgage even after the penalty, those are net dollars we get to SAVE, and with 3 boys, it sure helps. We also now are not accumulating debt, before the pace we were on was a scary one. We couldn’t be happier and we always feel so good to introduce you to our family and friends as we have never had a better mortgage experience and felt so comfortable moving forward, you are so on top of everything! I wouldn’t want anyone that we care about to go as long as we did not knowing our options, we can’t make up for that lost time, but we sure are happy moving forward with all of those savings.

Look forward to working with you until we are mortgage free.

Thanks, and best regards

Anita and Greg, Burnaby

Angela, another big Thank you for helping us yet again with our mortgage renewal. Being self-employed, and having a less than perfect situation when we first came to you, it is so comforting to see a clear path we can take and finally have the security that home ownership should give a borrower. Without your help specifically I know this would not have happened for us. I can see the difference from working with the best (you and your team Angela) and another mortgage person, as it has been evident through our 3 years of working together you being in the front lines with all the lenders you were able to alter our plan for the better, before anyone else would have been able to and we are so proud to be the recipients of this.

Angela we are grateful for your help, the savings you provided us, along with the clarity and security.

All the best to you and your team.

Marianne of Naniamo

Hi Angela

I am so thankful for the help that you provided to me and my grandson, saving us $495 a month goes a long way now that I am retired on a fixed income and caring full time for my grandson all on my own. I listen to you every Saturday and am always astounded at your knowledge of the market and how much you are saving people.

I know I am in good hands with you Thank you so much.


Shirley of Surrey