« And behalf of Veronica and my self, I would like to thank you guys very much you guys are very professional you John Angela the whole team very professional don’t have words to describe how much we appreciate the help that you guys provide.  »

Vicente & Veronica

Dear David, John, and Angela:

Thank you all very much for helping me with my recent mortgage/debt refinancing. Due to multiple circumstances, we have been experiencing financial issues over the past several years and found ourselves in a position of having many payments to make, both to the credit union and credit cards with their high interest rates. We were making a lot of payments but not getting anywhere.
I went to my credit union to ask for help and to consolidate everything into a mortgage, however they were less than helpful. Much to my disappointment, I was told that I did not qualify for the amount I needed, despite being a customer there for over 25+ years with a stable financial history. I was feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed by the situation when I remembered hearing the Angela Calla team ads and radio show on CKNW.
I e-mailed your team explaining my situation and was pleased to receive a response within 24 hrs. From then on, everything went quite smoothly. I was able to secure a mortgage for the amount I needed to pay off all our debts (other mortgage, line of credit, credit cards). We will be able to save about $1600/month with this new plan! This has taken a lot of stress from me.
The best part of all this is the way all of your team members have treated me with respect. You have treated me like a valued customer, not a “loser” which was the feeling I was left with after attempting to deal with my credit union. Your promptness in getting back to me with answers to my questions is also appreciated. I won’t hesitate to recommend your team to any of my friends who are shopping for a mortgage.


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Hi Angela,

Thanks as always for the great reminders throughout the life of my mortgage. The mortgage plans you have set out for me since I have done mortgages with your team instead of doing it myself with the credit union have saved me thousands of dollars, first it was $1200/month and now years later over $600 a month after getting some equity for my home renovations.. My big thank you to you and the whole team. The 5 year fixed mortgage rate renewal is OMG awesome and feels really comforting knowing I have that security long term! You guys made it so easy for me and pain free! With all your team’s expertise, I salute! You guys did above and beyond my expectations! You guys rock and let the whole world know…. I have already over email introduced you to 2 of my coworkers for you to call, and they have been equally impressed.

Carmelita of Port Coquitlam

Hi Chris, John, and the Calla Team!

I of course first wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did in regards to securing my mortgage. Your patience with me, as a first time buyer, did not go unnoticed. Answering any questions I had (which were many!) with kindness and in layman’s terms gave me the extra comfort I needed as I dove into what was a very scary decision for a 24-year-old.

At this time, I did want to ask yet another question. I’m not sure if this goes through you or directly through my bank, but I am wondering if it is possible to change the mortgage withdrawal schedule. I had wanted to have it withdrawn every other Friday, correlating to my employment paycheque schedule. Unfortunately, it has worked out that the mortgage is coming out the opposite week to my pay, something that I am hoping to change to ensure that the money is always there.

Any advice or help is extremely appreciated with this matter!

Kindest regards,


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