Angela- your teams attention to detail has helped our family tremendously! Before coming to you it is impossible to get a mortgage intelligently. When you review 2 contracts as a consumer they have the same wording so you think its about the rate.not to mention as consumers we are bombarded with flashy marketing. Its what they don’t tell you!!..UNTILL we met you- thank goodness. When you broke down the terms and additional costs our lender had in there contract, there is no way we would have had a chance to protect ourself in a changing market. Now with your help and knowledge you have given us by being the transparent professionals the Angela Calla Mortgage Team has, I have saved over

18,000.00 AND a future anxiety attack. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I have already suggested your help to my sister & neighbor 🙂 Emily of Port Moody

Angela- we are grateful for you helping us with our renewal. We didn’t even know we could improve our cash flow anymore and you showed us a debt reduction strategy to reduce our costs $350 a month and take an extra 4 years off of our mortgage. Most importantly you helped us make a big mistake and showed us clauses in a mortgage lender we didn’t know would cost us more money so our actual savings is way greater! I will certainly be passing out your name to my co workers and family to help ensure they learn how to avoid those mistakes as well.

Your friend, Margarite of Pitt Meadows

Angela, you and your team are amazing!

You helped us buy our first home with ease. Being self employed I knew it was going to be different getting a mortgage. Your team helped us with the best strategy so I got the best options, and I would not be able to own a home had I not contacted you a year in advance to get your ongoing guidance with I how I should position my documents, down payment and credit.

Your team is SO professional and always there for me. It feels good to know we can count on you for all of the life stages we will have in home ownership. I would recommend you and your team to anyone even considering getting into the market or whom has a mortgage.

Andrew of Burnaby

Angela- I am so thankful for your teams help. It has been a whirlwind year for us. When my wife was diagnosed with Lupus, she fell behind on her payments. I was unaware as she always handled the finances. When it was time for renewal our own lender instead of assisting us, offered us very high rate even though we had never been late on a payment. Your team didn’t give up on me even though my senerio was difficult even after the original lender that held an option for us withdrew there approval. I admit, I should have been upfront about my wifes senerio, I suppose with the emotional exhaustion associated with dealing with the disease and diagnosis I was just trying to not have to bring it up, as living it every day is painful enough. You turned around an emotionally and financially devastating year for us, and got us an amazing renewal option that saves us $689/month when we really need it most. Any penny saved is a blessing, you really appreciate it when you have gone through health issues and your compassion for helping shined through, we are very very grateful.

Jerry of Vancouver

Hear how we helped Sucha of Vancouver avoid costly mistakes with his mortgage and move forward to help his children ms-suchatestimonial.mp3

Good Morning,

Just wanted to thank you and the team for pulling off a miracle that enabled us to close on our new house. We are so grateful that you all pulled out the stops to make it all happen…it would not have without your help! It was a roller coaster for sure with the circumstances we put ourselves in, and I personally would not have had a clue without your help.

I would be happy to pay for reconstructive surgery on your tails!…which you all at The Angela Calla Mortgage Team certainly worked off for us…


Eva of Nanaimo

We’ve had a number of mortgages over the years, starting with our first house in the seventies. The first mortgage was with a bank, along with numerous renewals along the way. We just assumed the banks had our best interest at heart and would automatically give us the best available rate. We discovered much later this was not always the case.

Driving home from work one day, tuned in to NW, Angela Calla came on with The Mortgage Show, speaking about the different mortgage options available, and saving money through renewals or refinancing a mortgage. That was a relatively new concept, as I had never thought we could realize savings in such a way.

There is a remarkable difference between renewing at a bank or with a mortgage professional at The Angela Calla team. The personalized attention and service has enabled us to have a mortgage with a lower rate than anything that was posted, realizing a savings of over $2000 a month.

My advice to ANYONE who has a renewal or a refinance on their horizon to give the Angela Calla Mortgage Team a call.

Harvey of Langley


Hear how The Angela Calla Mortgage Team saved Harvey of #surreybc over $2400/month by redoing and consolidating their mortgage & outside debts. testimonial_full_harveymp3.mp3

Hear Susha of #Vancouver talk about how we helped him avoid a costly #mortgage mistake CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


A big thanks to you and your team! Holy, did you ever help me avoid a costly mistake. Had I renewed directly with my bank at renewal it would have cost me $9,700 more in the end with what they advertised as there low mortgage rate. I am so glad you and the team had patience with me and teach me mortgages are more than the interest rate as that rate is used against you if you need to ever make a change! Saving that $9,700 will help our family move up the property ladder! Anyone considering a #mortgage should make sure they don’t make the mistake of dealing with their lender on their own. Its was my lender wasn’t telling me that would have hurt us big time had my Aunt not passed your name along,

Your loyal clients Tina & Justin, #Pitt Meadows

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