Angela, Me and my hubby are SO happy for all your help, patients and dedication to us for our first home purchase. We didn’t think we would be able to get our dream home as our first home. I am so glad we came to you instead of trying to figure this out, there is so much information out there that its easy to get wrapped up in it and freeze in not moving forward. The best thing about working with you its we don’t just have a mortgage, we have a plan so we feel comforted to know you are there for us long term to help us optimize the market, as there is so much changing and we don’t know what to make of it. I would recommend anyone considering a purchase to do themselves a favor and come straight to The Angela Calla Mortgage Team.

Jessica and Trevor of Pitt Meadows

Angela, Thank you to your entire team. Peter and I are thrilled we haven’t been forced to downsize before we are ready. We are happy with the plan you set up for us, we are so glad we didn’t wait to contact you as we are much more comfortable now saving $1097 a month. I guess who wouldn’t be right?!

Your Friends

Peter & Joan of Port Moody

Angela, thank you so much to your entire team. My husband and I are going through some life changes. With him starting a new business we needed a different mortgage structure. It’s amazing how we just had our mortgage and didn’t think about it as a part of our financial plan. You helped the principal at our school where I teach save money on their mortgage and he suggested your teams help. I was so happy when we called not expecting anything and your team found us savings we didn’t think were an option that give us a savings buffer with our income changing for the next year of $496 a month. The service from your team is very different than our previous experience, proactive, thoughtful and so appreciated. You taught us more about our options than we have learned over the last decade. We would recommend anyone thinking of anything mortgage come straight to The Angela Calla Mortgage Team.

Kathy & George of Burnaby

Hear how The Angela Calla Mortgage Team helped Doug and Nancy of #PortCoquitlam save over $1700/month with a #mortgage restructure, consolidating their line of credit and outside debts- this is $102,000.00 over 5 years kept in their pocket with our help. Listen testimonial_full_doug.mp3

Hear how The Angela Calla Mortgage Team helped Val of #NewWestminster save over $1300/month with a #mortgage restructure. This really helps after losing her husband last year and on a fixed pension income. She gets to stay in her house and enjoy a better quality of life with her grandchildren. Listen testimonial_full_val.mp3

Katerina of #coquitlam shares how The Angela Calla Mortgage Team helped her buy her first home, and feel really comfortable with her plan moving forward from pre-approval to life of the mortgage listen testimonial_full_katerina.mp3

How does it feel to save over $1400 a month with the help of The Angela Calla Mortgage Team? Hear directly! AngelaCalla_Dwight.mp3 Don’t wait- contact us today

Angela- thank you for helping me buy out my ex.  I wish I met you a year ago, my lender was stringing me along making me think they had options for me and kept passing my file around with excuses. When I contacted your team, you were efficient, clear and so easy to work with knowing what to anticipate . We got done in days what my lender caused me stress about for months. What I believe is important for consumers to consider is that you are the experts (The Angela Calla Mortgage Team, if you deal with the lenders directly there is no consistency with their knowledge and abilities.

Thanks for your help

Jack of Coquitlam

Angela- your teams attention to detail has helped our family tremendously! Before coming to you it is impossible to get a mortgage intelligently. When you review 2 contracts as a consumer they have the same wording so you think its about the rate.not to mention as consumers we are bombarded with flashy marketing. Its what they don’t tell you!!..UNTILL we met you- thank goodness. When you broke down the terms and additional costs our lender had in there contract, there is no way we would have had a chance to protect ourself in a changing market. Now with your help and knowledge you have given us by being the transparent professionals the Angela Calla Mortgage Team has, I have saved over

18,000.00 AND a future anxiety attack. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I have already suggested your help to my sister & neighbor 🙂 Emily of Port Moody

Angela- we are grateful for you helping us with our renewal. We didn’t even know we could improve our cash flow anymore and you showed us a debt reduction strategy to reduce our costs $350 a month and take an extra 4 years off of our mortgage. Most importantly you helped us make a big mistake and showed us clauses in a mortgage lender we didn’t know would cost us more money so our actual savings is way greater! I will certainly be passing out your name to my co workers and family to help ensure they learn how to avoid those mistakes as well.

Your friend, Margarite of Pitt Meadows